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Professional Photography is Key and Complimentary


The Importance of Great Pictures

This is no joke.  The majority of home buyers are searching on the internet–approximately 85% to be exact.  When these buyers are browsing on the internet, what do they see?  What makes the quickest and largest impression?  PICTURES.  Pictures alone will not sell your home–but they will sure get buyers in the door.

A listing with NO pictures?

Sadly, I see way too many listings that have one of the following major problems:

  • No pictures (completely unacceptable in my honest opinion)
  • One picture only, usually of the exterior of the home
  • Terrible pictures (terrible quality, low lighting, small focus–see below for proof)

All of these problems do nothing to furiously grab a buyer’s attention as they are browsing hundreds of homes online in a matter of minutes.  If you are currently working with a real estate agent or have in the past, what did they do to visually showcase and advertise your home?  How many pictures and videos did they take and where did they market them?

What can I do differently?

Luckily, Two Shores Realty has an in house photographer and videographer that provides complimentary professional pictures for our clients.

What will I do with these great photos?

First, these are the photos that will be showcased on the MLS® for viewing by all licensed REALTORS® and prospective buyers in central Florida.  Secondly, I will use these photos in any print advertising.  Lastly, these photos will be marketed through the internet (sites such as realtor.com, zillow.com, remax.com) and social media (Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest).

Again, it will take more than great pictures to sell your home–but this is one of the most often overlooked and underestimated steps of the process.  For some reason, most REALTORS® do not recognize the importance of great pictures in marketing your home.  Case in point…below are some actual pictures from the MLS®.  Scary, right?  Please DO NOT let this happen to you!

I'm not sure what is worse...the terrible angle of the photo or the toilet seat hanging from the wall? I call this a "drive by shooting."  Was this agent really so lazy that he couldn't even get out  of the car to take a photo? I cannot tell what is for sale, is it a home or a 2006 Jeep Liberty? Seriously?  This real estate agent couldn't clean off the countertops and close the cabinets? This might be a nice kitchen, but who can tell through the blur? I really have no words for this one... Now this is what I really want to see in a master bedroom photo--a cluttered bed and this week's laundry pile. Really??? No...this is not a stackable washer/dryer.  This agent was just too lazy to even ROTATE the photo before posting it. Beautiful breakfast nook showcased through an off-centered photo, terrible lighting and view of the pick-up...unbelievable. This is no joke people...this is how this agent chose to showcase this dining room. Exercise bike for sale--is this a listing photo for a home or Craigslist? Photo of the "very spacious master bathroom with custom shower and jet-tub." An equally appealing photo of the "updated guest bath." Terrible lighting, terrible staging of furniture, just terrible all-around. I am not lying...this was the only photo on the MLS for a vacant lot listing.